Flavor Choices

We can make your cupcakes with any combination of cake flavor, filling or frosting listed below…use your imagination!  Or ask about other flavors…possibilities are endless!  To see samples of cupcakes made with the choices, click on them.

All frostings (except the Ganache and Meringue) are a combination of American-style buttercream and sliky Swiss meringue buttercream.  Most flavors can be made as either buttercream or cream cheese frosting.

To see some of our recommended flavor combinations, CLICK HERE!!

Cake Filling Frosting
Double Chocolate Chocolate Mousse Vanilla Bean
Sour Cream Almond / Vanilla Vanilla Mousse Almond
Poppy Seed Lemon Caramel Apple Chocolate
Juicy Lime Salted Caramel Lime/Lemon
Brown Sugar Oreo Cookie Cinnamon Caramel
Pink Champagne Lemon Curd (or Mousse) White Chocolate
Red Velvet Orange Curd (or Mousse) Peppermint Mocha
Toasted Coconut Raspberry Mousse (or Strawberry) Raspberry/Strawberry
Pumpkin Spice Raspberry Puree (or Strawberry) Toasted Coconut
Pink Velvet Coconut Cream Cinnamon-clove
White Velvet Latte Cream White Chocolate Swiss Meringue
Tropical Carrot Caramel Cream Whipped Meringue
Devil’s Food White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Vanilla Rum
Mocha Bavarian Cream (Choc or Van) Chocolate Sour Cream
Vanilla Bean Chocolate Ganache Cookie Dough
Brown Sugar Caramel White Chocolate Mousse  Chocolate Ganache
Apple Spice Fresh Apples
Gingerbread Marshmallow Cream
Spice PB Mousse
Italian Cream
White Chocolate

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