Sports-Themed Cakes, Cookies and Cupcakes…


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Whew!  It’s been a busy month and I haven’t had time to post much of what I’ve been up to.  So I’ve decided to lump a few of my sports-themed creations into one post…Seems like there are lots of sports enthusiasts out there!

These cakes were for twins turning 8 who both wanted a sports birthday, but liked different sports and wanted separate cakes…

Delaney’s cake is a 9″ round vanilla cake with a 6″ball on top (brown sugar caramel cake with caramel cream filling). The base cake is iced with vanilla-bean buttercream.  and the grass is piped with a grass tip.  The flowers are made from homemade marshmallow fondant as are the letters.

To get the look of the soccer ball, I  covered the half round cake with white fondant and added the pentagon shapes cut from black fondant.  I used a seam tool to make the markings and indents like a real soccer ball.  I thought it came out great and  it wasn’t too difficult to get the look I was going for .


Cooper’s cake was a 10″ square double chocolate cake with marshmallow cream filling and vanilla-bean buttercream.  The sports details were all made from fondant.

I used a small ball pan to make the ball cake and covered it with different colors of fondant to look like the 4 sports balls (a bit tedious, but I like the final product).


All in all, 2 really fun (and challenging) cakes to make :0)

Happy birthday, Delany and Cooper!  I really enjoyed making your cakes!


And speaking of multi-sports, here are some small 6″ cakes I made for a sports-themed birthday earlier this summer…


The 6″cakes are chocolate, red velvet, and banana. They are frosted with vanilla-bean/chocolate buttercream with fondant details.


And one more…check out these cute softball cupcakes I made for my daughter’s team party this past June.

baseball cupcakes_5

The cupcakes are a mix of vanilla and chocolate with an Oreo cookie baked into each.  They are smooth-iced with green buttercream and the edges are “rolled” in crushed Oreo cookies.

I then piped green grass on half of them and added a bat and ball made of fondant; the others have large fondant softballs.  The stitching is drawn with edible red pen.


Ok, just one-more-one-more!  Football cookies made for a sweet girl who’s flag football team won the Flag Football Super Bowl this past weekend (congrats, Sophia!).


Sports treats, always fun!!


Back to School/Get Well Cookie Bouquet



It’s been a long time since I posted a cookie bouquet…so here’s a cute one!


A sweet grandma who lives out of state called and asked me to make this for her dear granddaughter, Claire, who was recovering from surgery.  Claire was also getting ready to start her first day of preschool, so we combined these two events to create this cookie bouquet.


The cute, whimsical faces on these cookies were sure to get a smile.  And grandma especially liked the personalization–just like a warm hug being sent to a little girl from so far away.

I hope you feel better and enjoyed your first day of school, Claire!

Pink Pig Cookies


I got a call for pig-shaped cookies awhile back and knew they’d be fun to make…I was right!

pig cookies_2

Aren’t these cute?

(When I told my daughter they were for a BBQ party, she asked if that was why they had their eyes shut…they were dead. I told her they were sleeping ;0)

pig cookies_1pig cookies_3

NY Yankee Jersey Cake and Cookies


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I’ve made a birthday cake for this darling boy in my son’s class for the past few years.  The 13-yr-old is really amazing at baseball and basketball (to name only 2 of the sports at which he excels…he is really very talented) and a few years ago I did this Cavaliers basketball cake for his birthday. This past year he was really into the NY Yankees, so his mom ordered a personalised jersey cake and cookies.


The cake is a half-sheet cookies and cream cake cut to look like a jersey with a pattern similar to this jersey cake.  I frosted it in vanilla buttercream and added stripes cut from blue homemade fondant. I used letter cutters to cut out the name and birthday wish; the number 3 and the NY Yankees logo were hand-cut from blue fondant.

The baseball cookies were iced with white Royal icing with red lacing piped on for detail.

Happy 13th birthday, Anthony….I really enjoyed making your birthday treats again this year!

Disney’s Frozen Elsa Doll Cake


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Doll cakes are making a comeback. Really.

I haven’t had a request for one in 4 years, but have made 3 in the past month… Crazy!  This most recent one was for a darling little girl who just turned 3.

elsa doll cake_3

I remember my mom getting me a doll cake for my 5th (I think?) birthday. I’m pretty sure she didn’t make it and, when I laid eyes on it, I thought it was the most wonderful, glorious thing I’d ever seen  in my life (wish I had a picture).  It was covered in thick pink and purple icing and, up until that point, was the most treasured thing I’d ever received for a birthday (until I got my horse, Cactus, when I turned 10).

Because I raised such a fuss when it came time to cut (i.e., “destroy”) it, my dear mother only cut cake out of the back of the dress to preserve it as long as possible….I recall we kept it for waaayyyy too long (it got pretty stale so my mom eventually threw the uneaten cake away).

Of course this was all before the Disney princess craze, so it was just a regular old Barbie Doll, but I loved that Barbie forever…

elsa doll cake_6

This was a 4-layer  vanilla cake (9″-8″-7″-6″ rounds) with blue vanilla-bean buttercream between the layers.  After carving, I iced on a thin crumb coat, inserted Elsa, and popped the entire cake into the fridge to firm up.


The blue rosettes (tinged with white) were piped on with a Wilton 1M tip and the ruffles around the bodice were piped with a 104 tip.  I added small snowflakes cut with my punch cutters and crystal sugar flakes to add the illusion of snow.

I also made a dozen chocolate cupcakes with blue rosettes and adorned each with a single fondant snowflake.

A fondant inscription was added to the cake board.

elsa doll cake_4

So fun to make and brought back many happy memories of my own childhood.


Happy Birthday, Claire!  I so much enjoyed making your Elsa doll cake and cupcakes!

elsa doll cake_7