Photography Themed Grad Cake


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It’s graduation season and here is one of my favorites done for a young girl graduating from high school and pursuing an education in graphic arts…

Her mother wanted a simple grad hat with a shout out to photography, Alyssa’s passion.

photo grad cake0004

It’s an 8-inch confetti cake, filled and frosted with vanilla buttercream,  The base of the mortar board and the camera are rice cereal treats covered with black fondant.  The flat top of the cap is a piece of cardboard covered with fondant to give it support.  All of the other details were made using homemade marshmallow fondant.


She also had graduation caps and diploma cookies with her colors, coral and gold, for the event.

grad cookies0002


Congrats on your graduation, Alyssa!  

I really enjoyed doing your sweet treats!


Blue Watercolor Wedding Cake


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I just love the watercolor buttercream trend…I did this cake last year for a lovely couple who placed it at the bride’s table at their reception.  The dessert table included an abundance of cookies and gourmet cupcakes, but this beauty was reserved just for the wedding party…neat idea.

blue watercolor wedding cake0001

The 2-tiered cake is 8″-6″, all red velvet confetti (groom’s choice) with cream cheese buttercream between the layers and white chocolate buttercream.  To get the watercolor effect, I first iced the cake in a neutral gray buttercream.  I then tinted more buttercream varying hues of blues and grays (with a touch of violet) and piped random thick horizontal stripes of it all around the cake.  With a smoothing tool (I used a bench scraper), I slowly turned the cake as I smoothed the icing out, blending the colors together.

Really quite a simple technique…the key is not to *mess* with it too much, or you lose the random look.

The bride asked me to include the small bride and groom topper (top pic), which was used by the groom’s grandmother on her wedding cake.  Cool throwback touch with the modern cake design.

blue watercolor wedding cake0002

Congrats on your nuptials, Erika and Sean!!  It was an honor to make your special cake!



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Ok, with all of the news about Fortnite right now, I just remembered that I did this cake for an avid Fornite gamer (is there any other kind??) a few weeks ago….

fortnite cake0000

When Savva’s mom called to ask me to make it for his 11th birthday, we both Googled examples of Fortnite cakes and there really wasn’t much out there because the game is so new…apparently it’s only in Beta format at the moment.

So I got my 12-yr-old involved and he got me up to speed.   He advised me  that the cake absolutely HAD to include a ramp, pick axe, spike trap, first aid supplies, steel, brick, and a purple bazooka gun (?).  “Oh, and throw in a treasure chest, too, Mom!”


Ok, so here were go….this is a half sheet double layer cake iced with chocolate buttercream with Oreo cookie “dirt” on the sides/top and buttercream grass.  All of the details are made from homemade marshmallow fondant.

fortnite cake0004


I also molded an X-box controller from Rice Krispie treats, covered it in fondant and added details to look semi-real.  The Fortnite logo on the from is hand-cut from fondant. And oh, and the “rock” on which the treasure chest is balanced is also made from rice cereal treats covered in fondant (thank god for rice cereal treats!!)…

Hope this gives you some inspiration for the time in your upcoming future when your teen or pre-teen asks you for a Fortnite cake!!

Here’s wishing you a great birthday, Savva….loved making your cake!!

Disney “Cars” 2nd Birthday


Ok, it’s been FOREVER since I posted and I’m SO backed up with cool cakes to share with y’all!!   I’ve done dozens of them in the past few months and I don’t even know where to start.

I was really happy with the way this Disney “Cars”-themed birthday cake and cookies for Ashton turned out last month…2-yr old Ashton is SUPER adorable and his mom Ali is the BEST!  She’s turned me on to so many of her friends and they are all great. I’m always thrilled to create cakes/cookies for Ali and her friends. (See “Fun Fact” below :0)

cars b-day party_20000

For the party, she wanted mostly cookies to serve to the kiddos with a small Lightening McQueen cake.

The cake is an 8″ chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream tinted bright “McQueen” red and smooth-iced.  The details on the cake are made from homemade marshmallow fondant (sorry about the focus in this pic, wanted to show the eyes but it’s a bit fuzzy :0/).

cars b-day party0006


These cookies were so fun to do….we decided on a mix of really detailed McQueen/Mater designs with more simple “filler” cookies with the same theme/color palette.

This option is much more affordable when you need cookies for a large crowd!  I incorporated Ashton’s age and name onto about half of them, and the rest are simply iced and sprinkled with sanding sugar.




Fun Fact: I did Ali’s baby reveal party over 2 years ago (see pics) and knew she was having Ashton before she did!!




Hope you had a super fun 2nd birthday party, Ashton!!  

It was a blast making your goodies!!



Sweet 16 Travel Cake

This was such a fun birthday cake to do for a darling, smart, inquisitive girl who enjoys traveling and documenting everything with her camera.  I can hardly believe she’s Sweet 16 already!

Travel cake_2

Travel cake_4

The cake is an 8″ chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling, smooth iced with vanilla buttercream.  All of the details are made from homemade fondant.

The name plaque is cut out of fondant with an Ohio-shaped cutter and painted with metallic gold paint.  The Eiffel Tower is piped with black buttercream onto a fondant plaque.



I wanted to give the feeling of travel all the way around the cake to highlight her adventuresome spirit.


Her camera also plays a big part in her life, so it had to be on there…

This was such a fun cake to do, I’m so glad I got to create it for you, Quinn.

Happy Birthday, girlfriend!