Baby Woodland Animals-Themed Cakes



On of my dearest clients ordered this cake and smash cake for her son Charlie’s 1st birthday a few months ago. And I just loved the theme…baby woodland animals.

Isn’t this just the cutest for a 1-yr-old! The cake is an 8″-10″ tier with smooth buttercream icing that I textured to look like logs. All of the animals are hand-cut from fondant, as are the 3-d baby mushrooms (too cute!).

The banner is handmade, too, with little acorns.

Hope you had a terrific 1st birthday, Charlie…I loved making your cakes!

Nike Basketball Cake

I did this cake awhile back and didn’t post anything about it, but I just ran across it again and thought it was cool…

The cake tiers were 7″ and 10″, with smooth watercolor-effect buttercream on the bottom and a “crackle” effect piped on the top. The Nike logo was hand cut from fondant as were the numbers.

Hope you had a great birthday, Luca…it was sure fun making your cake!

Wild Things Cake


I just ran across this fun cake from a couple of years ago, made for Noah and based on the beloved children’s book “Where the Wild Things Are.”

The cake is a 6″-8″ tiered cake with smooth buttercream icing. The “bark” on the bottom tier is made from melted chocolate, spread thin on waxed paper and broken into strips once cooled. It creates such a neat look. The arrows and crown are made from fondant.

I don’t have many other details on the cake, just wanted to share…hopefully make you smile a bit remembering a favorite childhood memory or two.

You’re welcome 🙂

Ideas for the GUYS…


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Happy January 2019!

One of my New Year’s “inspirations” (I hate to make resolutions, too binding) is to get caught up on posts, so here goes…

Since I do so many cakes for teens, kids, babies, showers, etc., I thought it would be fun to highlight some cakes I’ve done for the guys this past year.

The theme of all of these cakes involve cars, sports, or other stuff guys might like (or gals, just sayin’)….


This is a 10″ cake with smooth buttercream icing on the top and black buttercream on the sides. I used a fat round piping tip to make the tire treads. The logo is hand-cut from fondant and the flag is fondant, too.

Car Logos…Mercedes, BMW, Mustang

These cakes are 8″ in size with smooth vanilla buttercream and hand cut logos in fondant…


Love these cakes, so much detail. The first is a retirement cake for a gentleman moving on to a 2nd career as a finish carpenter. The second is a birthday cake for a hard-working dad. Both are smooth buttercream iced with fondant tools and other fun details.

Along the way, I discovered some tool cookie cutters, so fun~

Cigars and alcohol, oh my…

This Corona cake I did awhile back, but wanted to highlight it again. Here’s the full Corona Ice Bucket cake post.


I actually did this one for 8-yr-old Thomas, but it would be great for any New Orleans Saints fan. (Full-Disclosure: The helmet is a topper provided by Thomas’s mom, I did’t make it…but wish I had 🙂

And who wouldn’t love an OSU cake and cookies?

Hunting & Sasquatch (my all-time fave!)

Here are a couple of cakes that kinda fall into the same category. Especially if you believe in Sasquatch :)))))

Well, that’s it for this post, hope you got some ideas for your next guy (or anyone) cake! Happy caking!!

New cake ideas for 2019… Bunting Toppers and Drip Cakes!


Happy (almost) 2019!!

I can’t believe I’m on the verge of entering the 7th year of this all-consuming “hobby” lovingly named Gray Barn Baking way back in January 2013.  I’m still enjoying this new chapter of my adult life and appreciate ALL of you for indulging my passion for creating sweet things to satisfy and delight the soul.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for taking the ride with me!

That said, I’ve been so busy creating that I’m way behind on my posts, so I’m determined to get caught up by putting out some combo posts…This one may get the creative juices flowing and give you some new ways to think about cakes for your upcoming celebrations.

First, consider these adorable bunting cakes toppers as a creative alternative to an inscription on top of any cake.

The bunting message can be customized to express any sentiment and is all the rage right now in cake decorating.

Another trend in cakes is the drip cake. If you’ve been checking out cakes anywhere, you’ve seen these babies.

Drips can be created in any color, but chocolate drips on a white cake are arguably the most dramatic…

The gender reveal drip cake is also huge.

Or a simple drip celebration cake (this one is chocolate cake with salted caramel toffee filling, chocolate ganache drip and gold sanding sugar…yummmmm!).

Here’s a 1st birthday ice cream cone drip cake in aqua and pink with matching cupcakes and cookies (and a cute sprinkle smash cake:).

Or add some flowers to Dress-Up-The-Drip!


All it took was some decadent caramel and an apple on a “naked” cake (also a big trend right now) to create this little beauty!

So let your imagination go NUTS for your next event and get away from the traditional sheet cake and buttercream borders…

Hope you are inspired to try something new in 2019:)))))