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When Jasmine Monro (former-WFMJ news reporter and all-around fun girl!) asked me to make sushi-themed cookies for her sister’s sushi birthday party, I’ll admit I hadn’t done them for awhile (once a few years ago I made something similar, but didn’t take any pictures).  But within a few minutes of researching the Internet, I knew just what I was going to do to give the cookies the illusion of real sushi.


I started by cutting square and round sugar cookies and piped on Royal icing to make them look like shrimp and California rolls. The edge outlines were piped with dark green Royal icing to look like seaweed; the “rice” is made by sprinking white nonpareils and sprinkles on semi-wet Royal icing. The shrimp, fish and veggies were piped on top of the base white coat once it was almost dry.

They were fun to make and I love the illusion of real food.


Good luck in your new job, Jasmine!  The valley is going to miss you!