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This time of year, it seems the kids are into celebrating 100th milestones in school: 100th day of school, 100th math lesson, 100th crayon used up, whatever…

This typically happens around mid-February, when the doldrums of school have really begun to set in, so I’ve tried to come up with some fun treats for the kids to take in to share with their friends to celebrate these fun milestones.


These cookies are decorated with royal icing using the “wet on wet” method, where the dots are piped on while the base coat is still wet. The numbers are cut from homemade marshmallow fondant and placed on while the base coat is drying.

100-days-cookies-16 100-days-cookies-2

The cupcakes and brownie squares are decorated with fondant circles, some marked with edible markers and some with numbers piped in royal icing.

Fun to make, better to share, and one way to get rid of the winter blues!

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