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Like many other parents out there, I fell in love with the “Lego Movie” that came out last year.  My boys (ages 12 and 9) are still playing with their millions of Legos they’ve collected over the years.  Even my 7-yr-old daughter has a few sets.  They’re such a fun toy that promotes creative play (despite the tiny pieces everywhere that drive us parents NUTS!).  And the movie had a great message….see it if you haven’t yet.

I had the opportunity a few months ago to make another cute Lego-themed cake as well as some Lego brick cookies for a sweet little boy.   These Lego cakes are so fun to make as they’re “”multi-media”…I get to use buttercream, fondant, Lego brick molds (I finally got one), Lego brick candy, and mini-figs, so fun! Here’s a link to another Lego cake I made earlier with more description about the cake.  This post shows how I made the big Lego brick on top as well as the Lego sugar cookies for Aiden’s 5th birthday party.

lego-birthday-cake-25The Lego-themed fondant cake toppers I made after watching this great Craftsy tutorial. Some of the bricks were made free-hand and others from a brick mold like this one.



The Lego brick mini cake I made in a mini loaf pan.  After trimming it up and doing a thin crumb coat of buttercream (to smooth it out and keep the crumbs in), I covered it with blue fondant and cut off the excess.

The Lego studs (yes, those little dots are really called “studs”) are cut from thick fondant with a round cutter. I plopped the entire brick onto the buttercream iced cake without any supports as it wasn’t too heavy.lego-birthday-cake-5


I added the other decorations and the mini-figs supplied by the mother of the birthday boy.  Too cute!! Love these cakes!!lego-birthday-cake-9





The Lego cookies were made by baking up some rectangular-shaped sugar cookies and doing a smooth royal icing base coat.  After drying overnight, I used my template to mark evenly spaced dots and then piped on royal icing studs.  This technique I got from this great blog from Sweet Sugar Belle and it worked quite well.


What a fun birthday theme for a sweet little boy! Thanks so much to Karen (Aiden’s mom) for ordering this Lego cake and cookies…They were so fun to make!  Happy 5th Birthday, Aiden!!