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I’ve had the wonderful privilege over the past several months to be involved in 2 baby reveal surprises.

In all honesty, I had no idea what a “baby reveal party” was up until a year ago…If you’re unfamiliar (like I was), a baby reveal is organized by the expectant parents to announce the gender of their impending child. Typically, the secret sonogram results are sent to a 3rd party, who then creates something unique (a cake, a work of art, etc.) to “reveal” the gender to the parents-to-be and their guests at a special celebration. Cakes are often baked with the color (or filling) pink or blue, depending on the gender.  When the couple cuts into the  cake, the surprise is revealed.

ribbon-gender-reveal-cake-8For the first one, the mom-to-be had a party to reveal the baby’s gender, this time with a piece of artwork commissioned by a friend for the baby’s room.  But she wanted a special cake for her celebration with a pink and blue theme. Since I didn’t know the gender ahead of time, the inside of the cake was white with the pink and blue theme carried on the outside.



This was an 8″ sour cream vanilla cake with vanilla-bean buttercream and a pink/blue bow and matching dots made from homemade marshmallow fondant. As I was decorating, I predicted the baby was a boy since I ended up with more blue dots than pink…(pretty scientific, huh?).  And I was right…They’re having a boy!



For the second reveal, I was contacted by the daughter (Harriet) of a customer (Tina) who wanted to surprise her mother with the gender of her next grandchild. Although it was short notice, I couldn’t resist being part of the plan!

Immediately after her sonogram, Harriet texted me the results and I filled the cupcakes (blue again! Is there a trend here…?) and delivered them to her mom that same day.  Super sweet daughter, huh?!




To make things easier, I baked up a dozen vanilla cupcakes and had blue and pink fillings ready to go. When I got the text, I filled the baked and cooled cupcakes, topped them with a swirl of vanilla-bean buttercream and multi-colored sprinkles (to throw Mom off the track), and boxed them for delivery.

Tina was absolutely surprised when I showed up at her house bearing the box full of *secret* cupcakes and couldn’t wait to take a bite (and, of course, I just HAD to wait around to see her reaction, which was priceless!).  She was delighted to find out she was having another grandson!



It was an  honor and a priviledge to be involved in these wonderful life celebrations!  Congratulations, Carolyn and Harriet…thanks for including me in the fun!