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So, my 12-year-old loves Kit Kat candy bars and M&Ms (who doesn’t?!)….this was his cake last year (finally getting around to posting it).  We somehow managed to only take a few pics, but thought I’d share.


It’s an 8″ 3-layer chocolate/vanilla/chocolate cake with milk chocolate buttercream and chocolate mousse filling into which I folded crushed Kit Kat bars. Yum. There was honestly so much sugar here it made my teeth hurt, but since I don’t let my kids eat candy often, I figured I’d give them this treat just once last year.

After the entire cake was frosted, I simply put Kit Kat bars–separated into sections–around the outside (I think it took about 6 full-sized bars). I then filled the top with M&M candies (at this point, I figured “why not?”!).

I tied it with a ribbon and put a chocolate-pretzel candy border around the bottom.


Happy 12th birthday, my SWEET boy!!

Candy anyone!?