Ordering, Pricing, & Descriptions

Everything baked at Gray Barn Baking is made with love and only fresh, 100% natural ingredients with absolutely no preservatives or artificial flavors (I can also accommodate nut-free requests). Each cupcake, cookie, muffin, and cake is custom-made and decorated by hand to your order…You pick the flavors, colors, decorations, and style.  When you order from Gray Barn Baking, you know you’ll get a unique, fresh, and scrumptious product hand made just for you!

If you’d like to place an order or check on availability, just call, text or Facebook message with your name, contact info, date of your event, theme, and approximate number of guests.  Even if you don’t have all of the details nailed down, contact me to get onto my calendar….we can iron out details as we go.  For large orders, a deposit will be required to secure your date. I am happy to work with you to fit your budget and entertaining needs. If you have an idea of what you want, mail or text a picture with your ideas and I’ll gladly provide a quote (lllaplante@gmail.com or 330.881.2899). Or call with questions, I’d love to work with you!

I am located in the heart of Poland, Ohio, just outside of Youngstown. I primarily cater to local clients, but cookies and some specialty items can be shipped.


Cakes are individually-priced depending on size, style (i.e., stacked, tiered, fondant covered, etc.), and decorations. Check out Cake Serving Guide and Pricing to help start the design process!


Gray Barn Baking cupcakes come in “Standard” and “Gourmet” varieties in your choice of 2 different sizes…mini and regular.  There truly is a cupcake to meet your every occasion!

Standard cupcakes (no filling) come in your choice of deliciously moist vanilla, decadent chocolate, or swirl cake flavors, topped with creamy vanilla or chocolate buttercream and sprinkles (if desired).  Standard cupcakes come in mini and regular sizes, and are perfect for a child’s birthday party or any event where you need a beautiful, scrumptious cupcake!  Custom decorations for your celebration are also available.

Gourmet cupcakes are a truly decadent treat and can be made in a variety of mouthwatering flavor combinations with your choice of cake, filling, and frosting. (For combination ideas, check out the “Flavors” tab and then click on “recommended flavor combinations.”  These are just ideas, you can pick any combo of flavors.  Contact me if you’d like to discuss flavors or get further recommendations.)

Gourmet cupcakes can be ordered in mini or regular sizes, each beautifully decorated with a creamy frosting swirl and your choice of sprinkles, sanding sugar, or candy pearls.  They are perfect for every special occasion.


Minis–These very popular mini-sized cupcakes are sold by orders of 3-dozen (same flavor) and are approximately 1.5″ wide at the base x 2″ tall.  They are the PERFECT bite-size and add an elegant “tasting” for any event, which allows you to offer a variety of flavors to your guests.  We typically estimate about 3 minis equal one custom-sized cupcake; order a few flavors so your guests can have a choice!

Please note that mini orders are 3-dozen of the same flavor.

Regular–These cupcakes are a slightly larger than traditional cupcakes and are perfect for any occasion. Individual custom packaging and customized decorations are available upon request.

(Please note: minimum of 2-doz per flavor or 1.5 doz for orders of 3 doz or more.)

Individual custom packaging and customized decorations are available upon request.


  • Standard Minis (chocolate, vanilla, or swirl)–$30 per order (3-dozen, same flavor)
  • Gourmet Flavor Minis (choose from a variety of flavors/filling)–$42 per order (3-doz, same flavor)
  • Standard Regular-sized (chocolate, vanilla, or swirl)–$27 per dozen (same flavor)
  • Gourmet Flavor Regular-sized (with filling)–$36 per dozen (same flavor)*

*some gourmet flavors more, based on ingredient availability

Muffins: Price varies by flavor, mini or regular sizes available- Please contact me for a quote.


Custom Decorated Sugar Cookies:  These custom decorated, hand-rolled and cut vanilla sugar cookies are made with butter, sugar and pure vanilla decorated with delicious lightly-flavored fresh lemon royal icing.  Prices begin at $36/dozen for a basic cookie design using fewer colors of icing and fewer details.  The price per cookie increases with larger size, more elaborate designs, personalization, or individual bags. Character, logo, or cookies with many colors, details, airbrushing, etc., start at $48 per dozen. (Please note, holiday cookies are seasonal and priced differently.)

I require a minimum of 2 dozen per order of custom cookies.  

I will work with you to find a shape and style perfect for your event. Individual custom packaging available upon request with additional cost per dozen. The best way to get pricing information is to email or text me with pictures or details of what you’re looking for.

Example of cookies starting at $36 / doz : fewer icing colors & simpler designs.

Example of cookies starting at $48 /doz : character, personalization, complex design and multiple layers of icing, etc.


Personalized Packaging:  Starting at $1 per cookie or cupcake for personalized, individually packaged items.  Cupcakes are packaged in a plastic cup with a clear bag and tied with a silk ribbon; cookies are in a clear bag folded and taped or tied with a ribbon.  Let me know what you want and we can do it! Click HERE for ideas.

Delivery and Set-up:  I can come to your location and set up.  Fees begin at $30 per event.

22 thoughts on “Ordering, Pricing, & Descriptions”

  1. Hi , I wanted a minecraft cake for my son’s bday …wanted to know where r u located


  2. Monica Hodousek said:

    I love the minecraft cake. Would you be willing to just do the fondant figures and ship? If you do how long would it take?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, Monica!
      I sure can. It typically takes 2 weeks after ordering for you to receive the figures, depending on where you’re located. Let me know when you need it and where you are and I’ll see if I can fit you onto my calendar.

      Gray Barn Baking


  3. Hi Monica, Just making sure you rec’d my reply to your question above….yes?


  4. I would also love to order the fondant figures. I’l located in IL, would you be able to fit me into your calendar?? I would need them the last week of April if possible.


    • Hi Debbie…It typically takes 2 weeks to make the figures and allow enough drying time to ship. I’m booked this week, but could have them made by NEXT Wed, April 22nd. Allowing a few days to dry and 2-day shipping, I could get them to you by April 28th (Tues). What is the exact date that you need them? Let me know and I can get you on my calendar.

      Thanks for the inquiry!
      Gray Barn Baking


  5. Debbie Zweig said:

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. His birthday is May 3rd. April28th would be great. What is the price in local fees ?


    • Ok, that’s perfect! I’ll create an invoice in PayPal and get it it you via email in the next couple of days. Once I get notification of payment, I’ll get working on them. The price is $48 for 6 figures (Steve, creeper, pig, and 3 TNT blocks). Shipping and handling will be around $10 for 2-day shipping. Let me know your shipping address and if you have any questions! Thanks for the order!


  6. Debbie Zweig said:

    I’m sorry for wasting your time. I’m going to have to cancel the order.


  7. I’m about to be 30 years old November 18. My colors is blue, rust orange, and green. I would love a tier cake that will knock off your feet. For my special day can you please help me and what will the charges be.


  8. Erika sorensen said:

    My son’s birthday in April and I was wondering if you could tell me the total price on all the little Minecraft figures that are on this cake.


  9. How much for the fort night cake? And how much would fort night cupcakes cost?


  10. Thomas Cerverizzo said:

    That fortnite cake was awesome I would like to order that for my daughter’s birthday where are you located how can I order that cake she would need a PS4 Remote how can I go about ordering that cake


  11. Curious as to what you charge for the Elsa cake? How many servings?


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