Post-Holiday Purple Birthday Cake and Cookies for Maddie!


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I made this cake for a young girl who’s birthday falls right after the holidays…must be hard to make a color statement with all that red and green.

So this adorable 14-yr-old asked for her birthday cake to be purple. That’s it. Purple.  And chocolate.

Surprisingly easy to please for a teenager, huh?!


purple bday_9

Her mom threw in a few dozen cookies for fun…

purple bday_1

The cake is a 9″ chocolate mocha cake with chocolate mousse filling and iced with vanilla-bean buttercream.The pics turned out more pink-looking, but the icing color was a mix of Americolor royal purple and electric purple. I added the green and blue sequin/sprinkle mix to add some contrast.

The name plaque, number, and stars are all made from homemade marshmallow fondant.

purple bday_8

Loved this one, so much freedom…

Hope you had a great birthday, Maddie!  I really enjoyed making your purple cake and cookies!


Nautical-Themed Baby Shower Cake


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I did a bunch of baby shower cakes last year and I’m so behind on posting, I’m only now getting to them. I also had orders for lots and lots of nautical or ocean-themed cakes. Not sure if there were enough to qualify as a “trend,” but it seemed like a wave of them during the summer and fall months (no pun intended :0).

This cute baby shower cake was fun and used a number of different icing and fondant techniques, so I thought I’d share…

nautical baby_5

The mom-to-be knew just what she wanted in terms of style, I just added a few tweaks of my own.

For the cake, the bottom tier is a 9″ round chocolate and the top is a 6″ round vanilla.  Both are filled and iced with vanilla-bean buttercream  The decorations and boat are made from homemade marshmallow fondant (except the red, I buy that because it is so hard to make large quantities).

The little sail boat is made from brown fondant with lots of tylose powder (to make it stiff); I used a woodgrain stamp on the sides to make the fondant look like wood.  The biggest trick was letting the sails dry long enough to stand up and stick to the skewer, which goes down into the top tier to hold the boat in place and keep everything together.


The baby boy was fun to make….There’s actually a cute little body under the blanket (wish I would have taken a picture).  I wanted the details on his little face to be subtle and soft, so I pressed them into the pliable fondant  with a needle tool and added a little dot of flesh-colored fondant for a nose. I drew his hair on with an edible marker…so cute.

The anchor and lifebuoys (that’s really what they’re called) are cut using cutters and the roping is 2 strands of fondant twisted together.

The bottom tier is iced with a rough surface to look like the water using a dark to light ombre technique.  The top tier is similar, just more smooth-iced.

This was a fun cake for an excited mom-to-be.  It was back in November, so I’m sure she’s a happy (and exhausted) mom by now.  Congrats, Maria!

Rustic Fall Wedding Cake


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I love, LOVE, LOVE this wedding cake!

rustic fall wedding cake_9


I think the rustic in me comes out when I’m asked to create a one-of-a-kind cake for a very special couple who love simple beauty and charm, but don’t really have a specific idea in mind for their cake.

This is just what I’d design if I were designing my own wedding cake (I actually can’t even remember having a thought about my wedding cake except it was the Christmas season and the colors were green and red–yuk).

rustic fall wedding cake_5

This is a 3-tiered design (12″-9″-6″) with sour cream chocolate cake filled with salted caramel…yum. The icing is Swiss meringue almond buttercream put on with a textured, rustic look.  The flowers are real and match those used at the reception.  I added the raffia border on each tier to pull the whole look together.


The groom’s parents were actually hosting a reception in the area after an earlier wedding for the couple on the West Coast.  I heard from the groom’s mother that the cake fit their personalities perfectly (and was delicious to boot :0).

rustic fall wedding cake_10

Congrats to the lovely couple and here’s to a great happily-ever-after!



Emoji Cake and Cookies


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2016 is nearly behind us…And my feelings for the year that’s quickly slipping away are mixed.


So what better way than to celebrate with an emoji cake and cookies to express all those emotions!


I did this order a few months ago for a cutie-patootie 6-yr-old who loves her wacky, zany, tongue-out-wink emoji (who doesn’t, right?).  So that’s the emoji we used for the cake.

It was a 9″ round 2-layer sour cream vanilla cake with smooth vanilla buttercream icing tinted yellow.  The emoji details and font were made from fondant (I used round cutters for the eye and letter cutters for the font, the rest was hand-cut).


The cookies were assorted emoji faces iced and decorated with fresh lemon royal icing. Jayde’s mom had me bag them with a ribbon to be given out as favors at the party.


The cake and cookies were really a blast to make and ring true for me this last week of the year.  Our family has had so many ups and downs this year with the deaths of 2 dear matriarchs (Grandma at 101 last April and Aunt Tata at 100 just yesterday), the destruction of our cherished Spencer cabin in Wyoming by wildfires last July, and the demise of numerous family pets…But we had great times, too.  It’s difficult to say which won out, the good times or the bad.

That said, I’m resigned to enter 2017 on an upbeat note, so here’s a toast and great big hurrah for the year ahead!


Starbucks-themed Cake


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Ok, so this was a strange request for a cake.

One of my regular (and best) customers wanted a special birthday cake for her daughter who happened to love iced coffee from Starbucks.  She initially wondered if I could put a cup of her daughter’s favorite drink right on the cake, but that made me very nervous (liquids and cake DO NOT mix).


So we decided on chocolate mousse in a Starbucks cup to be added right before she presented the cake (in the cup is homemade chocolate mousse with crushed Oreo cookies and whipped cream on top).


The 10″ cake is double-chocolate sour cream with cookies and cream filling and smooth-iced with vanilla-bean buttercream.  The modified Starbucks logo I hand cut from homemade marshmallow fondant, along with the other details.

The cake was certainly a fun challenge….happy birthday, Georgenne!