Nightmare Before Christmas Cake


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I got to do a Jack Skellington and Sally cake for Sophia’s 5th birthday last weekend… so fun (and fitting) for this time of year!

NIghtmare cake0005

If you’re not up on your Tim Burton movies, Jack and Sally were the stars of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” movie which came out 25 years ago–hard to believe! ¬†Nice to see kids are still discovering this fun, unique holiday classic ūüôā

This was a 10″ pumpkin latte cake (so yummy for this time of year!) iced with pale purple-tinted vanilla buttercream. ¬†All of the details were made from fondant which I let dry for a couple of days to give it some strength.

The Jack/Sally heart was the most difficult to get right, always hard to duplicate an image with layers of fondant.  Loved the little fondant pumpkins!

Thanks for picking such a FUN theme for your birthday, Sophia….it was a pleasure making your cake!!

NIghtmare cake0000

A Burrito Cake….really?


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Ok, just have to do a quick post on this cake as it was SO fun to do. ¬†Maria (she’s the greatest!) ordered it for her godson’s birthday, and I was so excited to do it for her…Realistic food cakes fascinate me (I’m a detail person), so this one was super cool!

burrito cake0001

I wish I would have taken more shots of the construction and detail steps (just so I can do it again if needed), but I didn’t, sorry :(.

I started with a 12×12 square chocolate cake, cut in half and stacked (with caramel turtle filling) and carved it into a burrito shape.

After rough-icing the carved cake with vanilla buttercream, I chilled it for an hour or so and then covered it with ivory-colored fondant fashioned to look like a tortilla.  Diluted brown food color painted on the outside made it look toasted. Wrapping the bottom half with foil made it look even more realistic.

burrito cake0003

The food details (rice, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, chips) are made from homemade marshmallow fondant (check out this video from the Artisan Cake Company to see how it’s done) and the guac and sour cream are green and white buttercream.

Hope you were surprised with your burrito cake, Antoni, it was sure fun to make!

15th Birthday Watercolor Cake


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Ok, so I love these water color cakes and am excited whenever someone orders one because they are so fun to do. ¬†The other neat thing is ¬†that they are so unique…just like the person I’m making them for. ¬†No 2 cakes are the same.

2-tiered blue-silver watercolor birthday cake0002

I’ve had the privilege of making beautiful Audrey’s birthday cakes for a few years now and it seems that she always has a specific design in mind. ¬†Colors, look, style, everything….which is fantastic for someone so young.

She knows exactly what she wants and it always looks great.

This one is a 5″ and 7″ 2-tiered cake with chocolate cake and marshmallow cream filling. The water color icing is turquoise, silver and white. And she wanted a silver fondant “15” on top. ¬†The silver and black plaque and name are also made from fondant.


I loved the way it turned out, classic and unique–just like Audrey.

2-tiered blue-silver watercolor birthday cake0004

Hope you had a very special 15th birthday, Audrey, I loved making your cake!

FORTNITE Gamer Cake #2

I get so many questions about Fortnite cakes I thought I’d share another one I did recently.

During the making of these Fortnite cake toppers, I snapped some pictures of what goes into making them, I thought I’d share them here.

Fortnite cake_20000

The cake is 15×11 double layer chocolate with cookies and cream filling and iced with chocolate and vanilla buttercream. ¬†The “dirt” on top is crushed Oreo cookies and the grass is piped on buttercream.

All of the details are made from homemade marshmallow fondant and the hill is (under the chest) is molded from rice cereal treats and then covered in gray fondant.


The wooden ramp is actually a piece of cardboard covered with brown fondant stamped with wood grain texture…

I then painted it with brown food color gel thinned with lemon extract to highlight the wood grain and make it look old.

All of the other tools and supplies are handmade from fondant…

Fortnite cake_20000 copy

As you can tell, there is a lot of time that goes into the details of this cake.  I continually get inquiries about the price of the cake and toppers, so I did a up a price sheet  for the toppers. (Fortnite cake topper pricing_rev)

Cake prices are based on size. ¬† ¬†The basic topper set here should fit on cakes starting with 8″ rounds.

This cake for Luca doesn’t have the game controller on it like this cake¬†for Savva I did a few months ago.

I hope this helps answer some questions about the cake…it sure is a popular theme for young gamers right now!!

Hope you had a great birthday, Luca, I really enjoyed making your cake!!

Shark and Mermaid Party


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This was such a cute idea for siblings whose birthdays were being celebrated together…Sharks and Mermaids! ¬†Mom, Emily, was clever… do the work to have 1 party with 2 celebrations for Elin (3) and Kyle (1) with a theme for both that work together.

Each 8″ cake was decorated with his/her own theme and had a few dozen matching cookies to make each child know that their birthday was special…smart thinking, Mom!



1-yr-old Kyle had a chocolate shark-themed cake with cookies and cream filling, rough-iced with ombre blue buttercream made to look like waves.  The fin, life preserver, letters, sea life, sharks, and other other details were made from homemade marshmallow fondant.  The bubbles were white buttercream piped on with a small round tip.

The shark, surfboard, and life preserver cookies matched the color scheme.




3-yr-old Elin’s mermaid cake was funfetti with vanilla buttercream, smooth-iced with turquoise, white and pale pink stripes. ¬†The tail was molded from rice cereal, then covered in pink fondant and dusted with pearl dust. ¬† The number 3 and other sea life were fondant…the sea plants were made by winding long strips of pink fondant around straws, letting them dry overnight, then carefully removing the straws once the fondant was set up.



Once the cake was iced and decorated, I added some fun shiny pearls to look like colored bubbles.



Elin also had her own sea-themed cookies.



This duo-themed birthday was sure fun to do…

Hope you had a great celebration, Elin and Kyle!