2 thoughts on “fortnite cake0010”

  1. do you sell these cakes


    • HI Alisha, yes I do sell the entire cakes for local delivery (NE Ohio, around Youngstown). If you are further away, I can make and ship the toppers with 2-3 week notice. Price varies depending on the package:

      The standard set is $52 and includes the following (handmade from fondant):

      First aid kit
      Pick axe
      Wood pile
      Spike trap
      Rocket launcher
      Treasure chest
      Simple Fortnight letters
      Custom name and age plaque

      The following are add-on items:

      Rock Hill (made with rice cereal treats covered in fondant) $12
      Controller (same construction as rock hill) $16
      Custom Fortnight Logo $10

      Any other custom items can be done upon request. I ship 2-day priority mail, so there will be an added price for shipping and handling, depending on where you live.

      Let me know a date if you’re interested in ordering and I’ll check my calendar for an opening.

      Thanks so much for the inquiry, let me know if you have any questions!


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