Cake Serving Guide and Pricing

Custom cakes are typically 3 layers are around 4-5″ tall (taller than most layer cakes you purchase at a bakery).  All of the sweet treats are handmade in small batches with only the freshest ingredients and contain no preservatives or artificial flavors. Each cake, cupcake, and cookie is created to your specification and vision and is unique to your event or special gathering. My goal is for you to be absolutely delighted with whatever you order and I’m committed to making that happen for you! So give me your feedback, I’d love to hear from you!

There are many things to consider when designing and pricing a cake.  I will work with you within your budget to come up with exactly what you need for your celebration. Unless you come to me with a style, size, and design in mind, we’ll begin the design process with how many servings you need, shape (square, round, rectangular), style (layered, multi-tiered, sheet, etc.), icing (buttercream or fondant), flavors (standard or gourmet) and details (typically fondant, but I can do anything you’d like).  My cakes tend to be taller than most, so cake serving sizes are fairly generous.

People often come to me with a picture or idea of what they want their cake to look like.  This is a great starting point as I can usually recreate any design to fit your needs and budget.  I also get many requests to create a buttercream-iced cake with the look of fondant (most people opt for the taste of buttercream over fondant, but want the smooth look of fondant).  I can do that, too!  With a few exceptions, most designs can be done in smooth-iced buttercream with fondant details (yes, we can put fondant on top of buttercream!).  This option offers the best of both worlds…a yummy buttercream taste and the details you can only get with fondant.  And the price is less for a buttercream-iced cake…Win-Win!

Serving Guide:

The chart below is a guideline for the number of servings for cakes as indicated.  The range given is based on whether you’re serving party-sized portions (generally 1.5 to 2″x2″x4″) or smaller wedding-sized portions (generally 1″x2″x4″).  Note: a larger slice of cake will result in a lower total number of servings, and vice versa. The chart below is meant as a guide to help you determine what size cake to order and can vary widely on how your cake is cut.

Sheet cakes are offered in 2 varieties:  2-3″ high single-layer torted (cut in half horizontally) with buttercream or filling between; or double-layer “party cake”–2  cakes with buttercream or filling between (4-5″ high). The serving size for single-layer cakes is 2″x2″x2″.  The portion size for the double-layer sheet cakes can be smaller because the slices will be twice as tall…thus giving you more servings for the same sized cake!  I don’t offer full-sheet cakes as I don’t have the capacity to store them after icing.


Pricing is based on the base price of the cake with an increase in price for additional details. If the cake is minimal in detail (buttercream borders, simple rosette flowers, inscription, etc.), the price typically remains at the base price. However, if a cake has many components or a more labor-intensive design (e.g., intricate buttercream flowers), the price will be higher. Fondant details and other “add-ons” typically begin around $25-35.  In the table below, a base starting price is given for standard flavors and buttercream icing.

Additionally, specialty flavors (e.g., cream cheese, chocolate ganache, etc) and 3-D designs are more complex and will add to the price of the cake. Tiered cakes (specialty birthday cakes, shower cakes, etc.) are also priced on a different scale (typically around $3-4 per serving).  Tiered wedding cakes typically run about $4-$5 per serving.

I definitely understand budgets, as we are all trying to get the best value for our money.  At Gray Barn Baking, I strive to offer delicious, creative, and unique cakes at all price points. With your input and inspiration from your invitation, party décor, or theme, I can create a memorable cake for your next special occasion!

Round & Square Cakes (standard flavors, buttercream-iced):

Size  Shape   Servings    Base Price $

6″     Round     8-10          $40

7″     Round     10-14         $45

8″     Round    14-20         $50
9″     Round    18-24         $55
10″   Round    26-30         $65
12″   Round    34-45         $80

14″   Round    50-62         $95

8″     Square  18-24          $55
10″   Square  30-40          $75

12″   Square  50-55          $90


Size      Shape   Servings    Base Price $      Fondant Covered
6″-8″     Round     24-30         $85                     $125

7″-9″      Round     28-34        $95                      $145

7″-10″    Round     36-44       $115                      $175

8″-10″    Round    40-50        $125                      $195

Sheet Cakes (standard flavors, buttercream-iced)
Size                         Servings    (single layer*)        (double layer)

1/4 Sheet (9 x 13)        12-16             $35              (20-30)   $45
1/3 Sheet (11 x 15)      24-30             $65              (38-42)   $85
1/2 Sheet (12 x 16)      35-40             $75              (50-60)   $95

*price is for single layer, torted with filling.  


Unicorn Cake (buttercream icing, buttercream swirl mane, fondant details–horn, ears, name, age). Price may vary depending on flavor choices and custom decorations:

  • 6″-8″ (serves 24-30) base price $115
  • 7″-9″ (serves 28-34) base price $125
  • 8″-10″ (serves 40-50) base price $150

Please note that all prices are estimates and are a starting point for the consultation.  I’ll be happy to work with you to stay within your budget on any cake!

2 thoughts on “Cake Serving Guide and Pricing”

  1. Hello!
    Bake Me Treats recommended your business, as they were not accepting new orders for next weekend. Are you taking orders for a small 9” cake order for next Friday, September 28th?

    My order would be pumpkin cake with maple and pecan buttercream filling and cream cheese frosting.

    I live in Boardman but teach in Poland (:

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


    • Hi Andrea…so sorry I didn’t respond to your question back in September!! Somehow I wasn’t getting email alerts when questions were posted to the website. I’ve got that problem fixed now. I hope you found someone to do your cake. If you need something in the future, please text or call 330-881-2899 or message through my FB page (Gray Barn Baking). Thanks again for the inquiry, sorry I didn’t get back to you! Have a great new year 🙂


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