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This was such a cute idea for siblings whose birthdays were being celebrated together…Sharks and Mermaids!  Mom, Emily, was clever… do the work to have 1 party with 2 celebrations for Elin (3) and Kyle (1) with a theme for both that work together.

Each 8″ cake was decorated with his/her own theme and had a few dozen matching cookies to make each child know that their birthday was special…smart thinking, Mom!



1-yr-old Kyle had a chocolate shark-themed cake with cookies and cream filling, rough-iced with ombre blue buttercream made to look like waves.  The fin, life preserver, letters, sea life, sharks, and other other details were made from homemade marshmallow fondant.  The bubbles were white buttercream piped on with a small round tip.

The shark, surfboard, and life preserver cookies matched the color scheme.




3-yr-old Elin’s mermaid cake was funfetti with vanilla buttercream, smooth-iced with turquoise, white and pale pink stripes.  The tail was molded from rice cereal, then covered in pink fondant and dusted with pearl dust.   The number 3 and other sea life were fondant…the sea plants were made by winding long strips of pink fondant around straws, letting them dry overnight, then carefully removing the straws once the fondant was set up.



Once the cake was iced and decorated, I added some fun shiny pearls to look like colored bubbles.



Elin also had her own sea-themed cookies.



This duo-themed birthday was sure fun to do…

Hope you had a great celebration, Elin and Kyle!