For all the Corona fans out there, this one’s for you!

corona ice bucket cake0000

Loved making this one…It was sort of a last-minute order, but I couldn’t resist doing it for a sweet mom who wanted to give her son a special surprise on his 21st birthday.

Note: The Corona is real, all the rest is cake or sugar…And no Coronas were hurt in the making of this cake, the birthday boy got to drink it –eventually :0)

It started as a 3 layer 7″ vanilla cake that I carved into a bucket shape and  rough-iced with buttercream.  I then cut a hole out of the middle to accommodate the Corona bottle. That was the tricky part…making the hole big enough for the bottle while leaving enough cake to maintain the structure (and to eat, or course!).

After letting it set up in the fridge for a few minutes, I covered the entire thing in gray fondant and lightly airbrushed with a silver color.  The ice cubes are made from a special sugar called isomalt (I only had amber color, so they aren’t clear :/).  After inserting the bottle and adding a layer of vanilla buttercream to the top, I arranged the isomalt ice cubes to look like they filled up the entire bucket.

The Corona label is hand-painted onto a fondant plaque and attached to the outside with a bit of water.


I then added the bucket rim and handle and some stars and a name banner (please ignore my messy kitchen it the background).

Here are some better pics of the finished cake….


HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY, ERIC!!  I really enjoyed making your cake!!

 corona ice bucket cake_eric


corona ice bucket cake0004