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Ok, this theme for a little girl’s birthday party is just TOO CUTE!

The client called and asked if I would help her with an ice-cream-and-sprinkles-themed 3rd birthday party for her adorable daughter, Mackenzie.  She needed coordinating cake, cake pops, cupcakes, and cookies to serve about 70 people (whew!).

Her color scheme included mint green and light pink, so I took those colors and got to work.

IC cone cake_11

The treats for the 70-or-so guests included this tiered cake (8″ pink velvet and 10″ vanilla bean)….

cake pops made with mini ice cream cones (so adorable!)….

cupcakes baked in cones with creamy swirls of multi-colored buttercream….

and cookies.


The tiered drip cake was so fun to do…and so popular right now! The melting ice cream cone topper is simply a huge cake pop made in a sugar cone.  I filled the cone with cake and drizzled it with pink melting chocolate. I also inserted a cake pop stick to ensure it would sit securely on the cake.

The pink drip is white chocolate ganache with pink gel color, smoothed over the top and dripped down the sides of the cake.  And, of course, sprinkles (actually sequins)….LOTS of sprinkles!

IC cone cake_9


I covered the bottom of the top tier with MORE sprinkles and a ruffly buttercream border.  The #3 on top and name plate on the side are cut from homemade marshmallow fondant.


The cupcakes and cake pops are made from the same cake flavors as the cake. Cupcakes are baked in regular-sized cake cones, which is always a little more difficult than it seems as they take so long to bake (about 2x the batter as a normal cupcake) and the cone has a tendency to absorb the moisture of the cupcake after it bakes and gets a little soft.  But cover them with a healthy swirl of silky buttercream, and all is good…

Instead of a stick, the cake pops are made in mini-cones and then dipped in white chocolate melts tinted mint green and pale pink–so cute!  These we’re actually much easier than a normal cake pop as the drips down the sides added to the melting ice cream cone look :0).

IC cone cake_18


IC cone cake_1

This was such a fun themed party, and the party set-up at the client’s house was fabulous (wish I had a good picture, but they all turned out too dark).

Hope you had a great 3rd birthday, Mackenzie!  I loved making your treats!!