I was asked by my very best client to do the desserts for a shower for her lovely niece.

Along with the cupcakes, the bride-to-be asked for a cupcake bouquet to use as a centerpiece.

grn cupcake bouquet_5Her color pallet included sage green, avocado green, and some grays.

I decided that she needed a bit of color, so I added some purple to the gray and came up with a deep violet as an accent color (although these pics look blue, it’s actually a dark  violet).


These cupcake bouquets are so fun and versatile.  You can do up to 3 colors and I try to include a few different types of piped flowers to add variety, texture, and interest. This one I did in a 7″ basket and it has about a dozen regular-sized cupcakes and 6-7 minis.

grn cupcake bouquet_2

People are always asking about prices on the baskets.  For this size (about 12″ diameter with the cupcakes), it’s $46, which includes the basket.  If you have a container you’d like to use, I can do that also.  Generally speaking, depending on the basket, you can figure $3-4 per cupcake for a price of one of these beauties, lovely enough to adorn any table or a sweet surprise for anyone in your life…better than flowers– they can EAT it!!

Thanks again for the order, Deb, and congrats to your niece!!