It’s almost graduation season, so start planning those parties!  I really can’t believe how huge graduation parties are here in Ohio…much bigger than celebrations where I grew up.

These are some examples of half-sheet cakes that are a good party-size and can serve a bunch when made with 2 layers.

These 2 graduation cakes I did for a Poland Seminary High School graduate last year who was going to Ohio State in the fall.

Poland grad cake_2OSU grad cake_2


This Cardinal Mooney cake I did a few years ago (before I discovered how cutting letters out of fondant is much cleaner … and straighter :)).  The graduate was going to the University of Dayton…




These are full sheet cakes, which I don’t make often as they are difficult to manage in my regular-sized fridge.  I love this black and yellow theme with swirls and stars.  It really says “Let’s CELEBRATE…you’ve done it!!”



For this one I made a 3-d mortar board and decorated it with stars, sprinkles and fondant twists. Here’s the post that describes it in more detail.



This cake is for a smaller celebration…followed by a group of specialty cakes.





And you always need cookies, right?



graduation cookies_purple_1

Graduation cookies_purple_2

graduation cookies purple_3