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I must say, this was an unusual request…A lovely lady contacted me via my FB page and asked if I could make a cookie that represented a Nat’l Geographic magazine cover and one that was a world globe.  “Of course,” I said, “Sure, I can do anything on a cookie” (yeah, right).

Luckily she wasn’t too specific on the cover details,  she just wanted it to be recognizable as a magazine cover.  So I did some research to figure out what I could do using royal icing to make the cookie look as similar as possible to one of the actual magazine covers.


I found a cover story about black holes and that was all I needed.  Starting with the iconic yellow border and using the wet-on-wet icing method, I was able to make the cookie look similar to the cover.  I did change the letter color to white as my white royal icing at the time was a better consistency for fine detail piping.


The globe cookies were fairly easy and fun…although the land masses aren’t exact (all you geography geeks out there, please don’t be too critical!).  I thought the little jets were a fun touch.


When I finally met Megan (the sweet young lady who ordered the cookies), she explained that they were for a book club party she was hosting.  The feature book was “A House in the Sky” by Amanda Linkhout, a memoir about a young girl who escaped a violent household by paging through issues of National Geographic and imagining herself visiting its exotic locales.  It’s definitely next on my “to read” list!

Thanks for the challenging and fun cookie order, Megan…I always love when I’m asked to create something different and unique!