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I’m still trying to recover from the past 2 weeks and all of the First Holy Communion cakes and cookies I baked…not to mention helping to prepare my own sweet 8-yr-old Hannah for receiving this special sacrament.

We didn’t do the traditional first communion religious portraits that are popular in this area.  But I loved the shots my husband got of her before and during the ceremony on this beautiful spring day.


Isn’t she lovely…?

Absolutely the apple of my eye….


Anyway, I digress….I did do a number of cakes, cookies and cupcakes that I’ll share briefly with you all.

LOVED this sweet dress cupcake cake I did for my daughter’s dear friend, Katie. Her mom had about 50 guests and wanted all white-iced rosette cupcakes with pink beads as details. I was able to fit about 40 marbled chocolate and vanilla cupcakes on the 18″x24″ board, the rest were displayed on a cupcake stand. They were filled with chocolate mousse and iced with vanilla buttercream.

Her mom had a neat Celtic cross that we added to the pink bead belt, but I didn’t get a picture with it :0(


This cake was SO KATIE–absolutely sweet and lovely, just like her. Love this girl so much!

I just adore the rosette style cakes popular right now….they are so versatile and even works for boys’ cakes.

Speaking of, I did a rosette cross with blue fondant details for Carson’s 1st communion, along with personalized cross cookies…The cake was a 9’X13″ double-chocolate cake cut into a cross and filled with chocolate mousse filling. The banner was made of homemade marshmallow fondant hand-cut into a banner shape that I let dry for a day to keep its billowy shape. The letters were made with my tap-it letter cutters.




I also did a few more cross cookies in pink and blue for Tessa and Gabriella.


I made a larger version of Carson’s cross cake in blue velvet for Gabriella, but didn’t get a good picture before I sent it out the door. Things were pretty crazy around here for a few days…But here is a lovely picture of Gabriella and her half-sheet rosette cross cake at the celebration party.


Congratulations to all of these wonderfully blessed children for making their First Holy Communion! What a big day for them!

Believe it or not, I made cookies and a cake for Hannah and our small family celebration, but didn’t get a single picture.  However, she didn’t seem to mind…the day was hers and she shined!!

Love you my sweet, gentle girl, so very proud of you….you’re growing up way too fast.