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I was contacted by the incoming President of a local knitting guild (WRKG–Western Reserve Knitting Guild) to create a cake for a guild birthday party celebration.  She wanted a simple half-sheet cake with a few knitting-themed details on top.



The cake is a sour cream almond cake with raspberry mousse filling and vanilla-bean buttercream.  The balls of yarn are made by covering little styrofoam balls with fondant extruded using my handy-dandy Walnut Hollow clay extruder.  I opted for styrofoam because a ball that size made entirely of fondant would have been too heavy.  It took some doing to get them to look realistic, but they turned out cute, I thought.



The knitting needles are wooden skewers painted with edible silver paint with end pieces made of grey fondant.  The buttons and letters are also made of homemade marshmallow fondant.



I used the guild’s color scheme of blue and yellow for the fondant details and the buttercream piped swirls and bottom border.

Happy birthday, WRKG!  I sure had fun creating your cake!