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A friend asked me to do 2 graduation cakes for her daughter’s high school graduation…one cake representing the school she was leaving and a smaller one representing the college she would be attending (with hopes that she’d also be graduating from there in 4 years…very clever, Mom!).

The larger Cardinal Mooney cake was a half-sheet 2-layer cake (double chocolate/sour cream almond), filled with chocolate mousse and iced with vanilla-bean buttercream. The school logo and other decorations were homemade fondant. Since the day was incredibly hot and humid and it was an outdoor party, I’d had the cake in the freezer for a few hours, hoping to firm it up so it would hold up to the heat (you can see from the pictures that it was “sweating” a bit when I got it out).





The smaller University of Dayton cake was a 10-inch round chocolate layer cake filled with chocolate mousse and iced with vanilla-bean buttercream with fondant decorations.  I did the UD logo with 3 layers of fondant to give a 3-D effect.  Unfortunately, this one I didn’t have in the freezer and it subsequently didn’t hold up to the heat and had to be taken into the air-conditioned house to be served (she said it still tasted great none the less :0).






Congrats to you, McKenna, and good luck in college….here’s to 4 years and another cake!!