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My daughter once again picked a pony theme for her birthday, but this year the color of choice was pink….finally!  Last year I’d already purchased all of the decorations…in pink…when I was informed by my darling daughter that “blue is the new pink, Mom!”  (See last year’s blue ombré pony cake.)  Who knew a 6-yr-old could be so opinionated?!  This year I finally got to do the vintage pink pony party I’d planned.


I wanted the cake to be pink and frilly…My daughter was insistent that the pony on top be “jumping,” a specialty cake-topper which turned out to be terribly difficult to find. The bottom tier was an 8″ 3-layer round covered in pink ombré buttercream roses piped with larger swirls in darker pink at the bottom, graduating up to smaller, lighter-pink swirls at the top. The top tier was a 6-inch round iced smooth in pink buttercream. The ponies, ribbon, and name circles were cut from pink, white, and brown homemade marshmallow fondant.


The sweets table offered up cookies monogrammed with the birthday girl’s initial and birthday, pink and brown iced cupcakes, and Rice Krispie “hay bales.” Iced pony-shaped cookies were given as party favors to each child.





It was a great party with games and 2 ponies this year….and lovely weather, which was my biggest concern in planning it.

Happy birthday, my sweet, sweet cowgirl!  Pink is most definitely your color!