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I was called into action once again this year to make a cake based on pop culture for my middle son’s birthday.  Last year it was Minecraft (see previous and varied posts); this year he wanted a “Hunger Games” birthday.  Actually, when describing what he had planned with the other 7 crazy 3rd-grade boys he’d invited for a sleepover (My son: “…we want to have a bunch of random stuff thrown in a bag with some Nerf weapons, run around the yard and hide from each other, make alliances when we can, and look for ways to survive while getting the other guys out….”; Me: “Hmmm, that sounds a lot like the Hunger Games…”).   Thus, the theme for his 9th birthday was born!

After searching on line for a simple cake idea (we didn’t need anything too big), I came across another terrific tutorial by Ann Reardon of “How to Cook That” illustrating how to make the fondant Mocking Jay pin for the top of the cake as well as the sugar flames.  She really does some amazing stuff, all while making it look so simple…check it out if you haven’t already. The Mocking Jay pin, yellow circle, and the letters for the names are all made from homemade marshmallow fondant (it was a combined birthday party with my son and his friend who was also turning 9). The “flames” are made from homemade sugar candy colored yellow and red.  The cake is a 3-layer (chocolate and vanilla) 8-inch round filled with cookie dough filling and covered in chocolate buttercream.

The boys thought it was great and my husband and I survived to live another day!!  I guess the odds WERE in our favor this year!

hunger-games-cake-13 hunger-games-cake-14 hunger-games-cake-15 hunger-games-cake-3 hunger-games-cake-16 hunger-games-cake-9 hunger-games-cake-5 hunger-games-cake-7 hunger-games-cake-8 hunger-games-cake-4 hunger-games-cake-10 hunger-games-cake-1