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Okay, so my kids talked me into buying a family-sized bag of Kit-Kat bars the other day….really?  Family-sized?  Who needs that much candy?!  And it’s still 3 weeks until Halloween!

But, of course, in a moment of weakness at the grocery store, I gave in. Zero will-power…none at all, ZIP!  Anyway, after looking at the bars staring at me in the face every time I opened the cupboard, I decided to make cupcakes out of them!

A simple but perfect combo: Double chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse mixed with crushed candy pieces, creamy vanilla buttercream and Kit-Kat bars on top.  Any good candy would work here…Reese’s cups, Twix Bars, Snickers, malted milk balls…pick your favorite.   MMMM, sweet, smooth, crunchy, cakey.  Candy and cake–life is good!  (I think I finally know what to do with all of that left-over good Halloween candy :0)

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